Saturday, September 5, 2009

Girl Guides Activities

1) Kim's Game ( 11/2/2009)

The Girl Guides Association of SMK Puteri organised an activity called the Kim's game in the beginning of the year which involved all the girl guides members of the school.
This activity was held during one of the staybacks we had during the co-curiculum activities which we normally have on Wednesdays.
Kim's game is actually a game where we can test the different types of skills that a girl guide has. For instance, this game tests the girl guide's memorizing skills and their senses.
Firstly, we divided all the girl guides into a few groups. Then we arranged a box filled with things such as pencils, erasers, staplers, sweets and many more. Then each group is supposed to send a member to come to the front to see whats in the box for 30 seconds n memorize things that are in it. Then they are suppose to go back to their seats n list all those things they saw. We will change the things in the box from time to time to allow the members of the team to come to the front n memorize it.

We also had a game of guessing the smell. We arranged a few things like ketchup, vinegar and a few other things for the students to guess. It was really fun playing that game because we could get all sorts of answers coming from the students.

Overall, the games went on successfully.

2) Picnic (22/7/2009)

The Girl Guide organisation organised a picnic for alll the girl guides this week. They were told to form thier own groups. They were told to bring food, drinks and all the necessary things needed in a picnic. They were also told to prepare the food for the judge teachers to evaluate.
The judges were Pn. Norizan and Pn.Siti Hanizah.
We gave them a certain period of time to make their food. A few groups finished earlier and allowed the teachers to try their food. Some groups did sandwiches, some even made pasta.
The teachers had a tough time deciding the winner but they finally considered it as a tie among two groups.

In this activity the girl guides learnt how to cooperate and work together will all the members. They also had to listen to instructions given. The picnic went well and they also managed to taste their own food.

The picnic went well and everyone was satisfied with it.

3) Cookie Jar

There is no limit for members to goin this game. First, the members were each given a number.
After that, all the members were told to close their eyes shut. No peeking. The game master chose one person as 'it' and she cannot tell anybody and act normal after the members open their eyes.

Now, the game master has to say:

Game master:Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar,
no.5 (any number as long as it is not the 'it') stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

No.5: who me?
Game master: Yes you!
No.5: couldn't be.(if she is not 'it')

After that no.5 continued what the game master said and chose a different number.
The game goes on and on until the 'it' is finally caught. It was loads of fun.


Now, charades is a simple game that has been played many years ago.
First, the class was divided into three equal groups and the name of the groups were written on the board.

Then, the game began when the game master chose a title for the gamers to act out.
Each team had one member to go up front and act out the title.
They used the normal rules in charades and started acting out what they were given by the game master.

The title came from many varieties such as names of famous people, classic movies, and many more. At the end of the game, the members were very cooperative and tried their best to guess the title.They made the game worth wild.

5)Pop the balloon
This is a very fun outdoor game.
To start this game, the members were coupled up. Then, they had to blow a balloon and tied it tightly to the middle of a string. They tied the string to one of their leg and their partners. Now. they're cannot be separated at all.

Afterwards, the game master briefed the members about the rules of the game. There is actually no rules but to step on others team's balloon until they pop. The couple that has popped most balloon wins by winning immunity to pick up all the popped ballons.

This game is not only fun but environmentally friendly.

6)Snake train.
This is an outdoor game and the more the merrier.
The game starts when the members line up in a single file and after that, they held hands. Now, each tunnel (the point where members hold hands) are numbered. There is a head and a tail like a snake.

Now the game begins, the game master has to say a number outloud and the head has to start moving to the tunnel and the girl's number who had been said has to put up thier hands up forming a tunnel.

This game goes on and on until the snake gets coiled up and it is game over.

7) Unknot the knot
This is also an ourdoor activity that nedds a lot of thinking.
Each member chose a partner. Then, they were each given one string and were told to tie thier hands together but tying thier string to thier partner's string. It may sound complicated but it was actually very easy.

Now, is the tough part. The members were told to untie themselves from their partner without opening the string. In the end, only two teams were victorious.
When the game was over, the members were told the secret. It cannot be revealed here unless you try it.

8)Back to back
The girls were divided into two equal group.
Then, the groups lined up in a straight line back to back. Each group was numbered quietly.
Now, when they are lining up, they cannot look back even once. If they do, then they're out.

The game starts when the game master calls a number. The girls who have the similar number met back to back, their back touching each other. Then, they have to quickly bend down where their faces were in between their legs and try to figure out who is behind them. They can only see the other person's face through their legs.

This game might sound funny but it is an extremely exciting game where members can bond with each other by bendig down.


File:Persatuan Pandu Puteri Malaysia.svg
Lagu Dunia

Lagu Dunia

Versi Bahasa Melayu
Arah kita jelas ke depan,
Bendera berkibar;
Tidak berlipat di dunia
Harapan abadi;
Bersatu untuk kebenaran,
Persahabatan kukuh;
Selagi dunia masih ada
Akan nyanyi lagu ini.

English Version
Our way is clear as we march on,
And see our flag on high
Is never furled throughout the world
For hope shall never die
We must unite for what is right
In friendship true and strong
Until the earth in its rebirth
Shall sing our song.
Shall sing our song.

Bendera Dunia

Bendera Dunia

  • Tiga blok atau petak jingga menyerong sederet di bahagian kanan bawah melambangkan 3 bahagian Persetiaan.
  • Bahagian putih di penjuru melambangkan komitmen semua ahli Pandu Puteri dan Pengakap Puteri Sedunia terhadap keamanan.
  • Trefoil dunia dalam latar biru melambangkan matahari menyinari kanak-kanak di dunia.

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)


Persatuan Pandu Puteri dan Pengakap Puteri Sedunia (WAGGGS) merupakan pertubuhan rasmi yang menggabungkan persatuan-persatuan Pandu Puteri dan Pengakap Puteri di seluruh dunia. Terdapat 145 Organisasi Ahli yang bergabung dengan WAGGGS dan mereka ditadbir mengikut lima rantau - Afrika, Arab, Asia Pasifik, Eropah dan Hemisfera Barat. WAGGGS mempunyai 10 juta orang ahli individu.

Melalui Organisasi Ahlinya, WAGGGS menyediakan program pendidikan bukan formal yang berkualiti untuk remaja dan wanita muda mengembangkan kepimpinan dan kemahiran hidup melalui perkembangan kendiri, cabaran dan adventure. Pandu Puteri dan Pengakap Puteri belajar melalui pengalaman.


Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah
Penaung Diraja

YABhg. Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor
Yang Di Pertua

KDYTM Tengku Puan Pahang Tunku Hajah Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah Binti Al-Mutawakkil 'Alallah Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj, D.K.; D.K. (Johor); S.P.M.J.
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